GypsyMod updates have been discontinued as of 12/5/06. The site & forums have been taken down to avoid confusion and lighten remaining bandwidth usage.

Archival versions of GypsyMod are available for download, though they will not work.

Any versions of GypsyMod presently available from this and other sites are fully unsupported and should be considered dead. Downloads labeled as GypsyMod by other authors may or may not be derivatives, and have had no special consent of mine; there is no official updated version of GypsyMod being maintained by anyone, nor will there be, though anyone who wishes to use any part of GypsyMod may do as they please.

Thanks to anyone who stopped by with a kind word in the past. I really enjoyed working on GypsyMod, and only regret that I could not devote more time to improvements.

- Mondinga ()